10 Tips To Get The Best Property Pictures By Winston Salem Realtors

Best property picture by Sneed Properties

The images are a key aspect when introducing a property in the market, either for sale or rent. Property Photos are one of the first contacts that users have with the property and can be a determining factor when deciding whether to make contact with the owner or not. To get the best out of each image, we share these top 10 tips to get the best property pictures by Winston Salem Realtors:

    1. Before taking the photos you should think about a photographic journey, that is, where to start and what parts of the property should be illustrated. For example, even if it is a department, those looking for a new home will also consider how the building looks from the outside and what the entrance looks like. Then you must decide which environments are going to be photographed and in what order.
    2. Know the lighting situation. Depending on the time of year, light enters each room in a different way and you have to take advantage of natural light to take good photos and highlight the best illuminated environments.
    3. Be careful with the back light. You should not take a photo in front of the window, but it must be from the inwards light source.
    4. Choose wide frames. There may be exceptions, but it is advisable to show the amplitude of an environment of a single photo.
    5. Take into account the different perspectives for a shot. It is recommended to put the camera at a medium height because if you take it from the bottom up, things seem bigger, while if you look from the top to the bottom everything seems smaller. The ideal height is 1.20m from the floor.
    6. Sort the rooms before taking the picture. It may sound obvious, but not all do it.
    7. Concentrate on the most beautiful details of the place: furniture, taps, some special finish, striking environments.
    8. If there are mirrors, avoid that the photographer comes out in them.
    9. According to Bhhs Carolinas always remember that the photos are a partial view of things, therefore you have to try to highlight the positive aspects, but always staying true to reality.
    10. If the photo does not go well, you do not have to publish it.
    11. We hope with these tips, you will now get the best property pictures.